Fruits and vegetables

In the fruit and vegetable industry, self-adhesive labels and tags play a crucial role in product identification, consumer information, and product promotion. They are indispensable tools that enable manufacturers to provide essential information and build their brand. In this article, we will discuss various types of labels and tags used in this industry, as well as their diverse applications.

Self-adhesive labels and tags are essential elements in the fruit and vegetable industry. They not only identify products but also provide vital information to consumers and influence brand perception. In a constantly changing and highly competitive market, labels play a key role in the success of products by allowing manufacturers to stand out and deliver value to consumers.

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Informative Labels

These are the most commonly found labels on fruits and vegetables. They contain essential information such as product name, origin, weight, price, and expiration dates. They assist consumers in accurately identifying the product and making informed choices.

Organic Labels

In response to the growing demand for organic products, organic labels inform consumers that the product is grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. For many customers, an organic certification is a key criterion for selection.

Promotional Labels

These labels provide information about promotions, discounts, or contests related to the product. They help draw customers’ attention to specific offers.

Regional Products

Regional products are gaining popularity, and regional labels inform consumers about the place of origin. This is important for customers who want to support local producers.

QR Code Labels

Tags often include QR codes that allow consumers to access additional product information, such as recipes, origin details, or storage methods.


Tags, also known as ‘fruit-tags,’ are popular tools in the fruit and vegetable industry. These tags can contain short product descriptions, helping consumers to better understand its features and uses.

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