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Our range of self-adhesive labels is the key to increasing brand awareness and capturing the attention of customers. Why should you choose our labels?

Advertising Labels: Our advertising labels are an excellent way to boost brand recognition. Precise printing and high-quality materials ensure that your company stays memorable.

Promotional Labels: Planning a promotion? Our promotional labels make your offer stand out on store shelves. Add information about discounts, contests, or other promotions to catch customers’ attention.

Multilayer Labels: If you need more space for information, choose our multilayer labels. This is the ideal solution for products that require a detailed description or instructions.

Scratch-off Labels: Create interactive labels with a surprise element. Scratch-off labels are perfect for games, contests, and hiding information.

Why Us? Our labels are printed on high-quality materials to ensure durability and an attractive appearance. We offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes to meet your requirements. Our experience and professionalism guarantee that your labels will meet the highest standards.

Don’t wait! Choose our self-adhesive labels to stand out in the market and capture the attention of customers. Contact us today to learn more about our products and customization to fit your needs. Together, we will achieve success!

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Scratch-off labels are  professional marketing tool. The making of self-adhesive scratch-off labels on paper or synthetic film allows of use variety in shapes and sizes, and used material will ensure durability and high aesthetics of the label. Under the layer of removable paint, we can apply any graphics, including variable bar codes, alphanumeric codes or pictograms. Under the layer of removable paint, we can apply any graphics, including variable bar codes, alphanumeric codes or pictograms.

Covered with a special scratch-resistant paint in silver or gold color , labels are most often used as an ideal form of promotion, increasing the attractiveness of the brand and ensuring interest of potential customers. They also work well when hiding sensitive data and passwords is necessary.

Multi-layer sandwich labels are self-adhesive labels consisting of two layers, each of which has its own adhesive layer.

The structure of the sandwich label allows each layer to be glued separately to a different surface. We stick the base label on one surface and then peel off the top layer.

They are used in medicine to mark test tubes and blood bags. Used by forwarding and courier companies in logistics. Additionally used in the post office on registered letters, envelopes, offices and administration. For marketing purposes, used in promotional campaigns or competitions. Labels made in any shape and size can be additionally protected with varnish.

Fluorescent labels are widely used in the organization of work. Their bright colors allow for clear marking of shelves and products to which special attention should be paid.
Used in dispatching for parcels they help in segregating and informing about how to handle the package. In marketing they will be used to mark promotional products or as an advertising gadget – the reflective color makes the sticker attract attention and eye-catching.
Fluorescent labels can be printed with any graphics – it can be a photo, logo, or text. Wound on the roles allow for easy application and quick marking of the selected product. Strong adhesive allows excellent adhesion to most clean surfaces.

With the required readability of the label on both sides, we recommend double-sided printing, where the graphics are on both – the outer material of the film and on the adhesive side. Used technology blocks the penetration of light, which allows the application of labels in a highly exposed place – such as shop windows – without the effect of graphics penetration. Double-sided labels will play their role in the event of problems with too much text, and a small surface for the presentation of advertising material – the obverse and reverse can completely differ in graphics. When the front part of the label plays the role of advertising, the back part can be an information page.

They can be used as a marketing or information element (credit card logotypes) and warning labels (door stickers) on all surfaces visible from both sides.

OPAQUE labels with a covering layer are characterized by high opacity thanks to the use of a dark primer on the adhesive side.

The innovative paper covering the print on the glued surface is available in glossy and semi-glossy forms, and the high degree of whiteness allows for accurate multi-color printing and faithful reproduction of details.

Labels made on this material allow for complete covering of incorrect prints; in office work they will be used to correct incorrectly labeled envelopes, boxes or binders. In the food industry, they are suitable for re-marking batches of products that require changing incorrect data, such as the production date or consumption date. Other uses for labels with dark underprint are price labels, which are used to cover outdated prices, or barcode labels that need to be replaced with new ones.

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