Variable numbering, barcodes, discount codes

Variable numbered labels and barcodes are key to identifying and tracking products. Variable numbering allows each unit to be individually marked, which is essential for inventory management and production tracking. Barcodes ensure that information can be scanned quickly and precisely, making it easier for both employees and customers to identify a product. These solutions are invaluable in the logistics, warehousing and retail industries, helping to effectively manage data and ensure consistency in product tracking throughout the supply chain.

Labels with variable data are a basic tool for personalizing labels, which can be used for strictly defined products, limited series items or as a tool supporting warehouse management.



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A barcode is nothing more than a graphical representation of information through a combination of dark and light lines (or points in the case of two-dimensional codes), determined according to the symbolism of the rules describing the structure of the code (e.g. its dimensions, set of encoded characters, algorithm for calculating the check digit and others) of a given code.
As the most popular data carrier, it is used in logistics, in commercial units to identify finished products, raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products. Placed on the product, it allows for easy organization and control of stock levels.
Barcode labels made on paper or self-adhesive foil allow for quick application at the target location, and the use of a wide range of adhesives: from peel-off through standard to very strong will certainly satisfy every customer.
Most often, we complete orders using one-dimensional codes such as EAN, Code128, Code39, ITF 2/5, as well as two-dimensional codes, e.g. QR Code. At your request, we can check the readability of the code using special verifiers in accordance with the ISO 15416:2000 standard or the GS1 standard

Labels with variable information, in short, are labels with the same graphic layout, differing from each other in individual elements, e.g. numbering, series or date.
Labels with variable numbering and variable data are most often used to personalize tickets, coupons or control the number of products in a given batch, and as a very popular personalization tool, they are used in all sectors of the economy.
Depending on expectations and needs, we are able to print labels with variable information on any substrate, also taking into account expectations regarding the background color of the label or the font used. At your request, we can freely configure the data range or numbering (constant, ascending, descending), as well as print serial data from an external file, e.g. Excel.

Promotional tags with a hidden code are an intriguing way to engage customers. Hidden codes may hide unique discounts, access to exclusive offers or competitions. When customers discover the codes, they discover a surprise and often engage in promotional activities. This not only increases brand awareness but also builds customer loyalty. Labels with hidden codes can be used in various industries, from food to fashion. Their creative use attracts attention and generates positive emotions, which translates into the success of the promotion.

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