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21 August 2023

Differences between Pantone, CMYK, and RAL color palettes in label printing

Label printing is an art that combines color precision, outstanding design, and cutting-edge technology. Choosing the right color palette is crucial, as it affects the visual end result and label readability. Three of the most important color palettes used in label printing are Pantone, CMYK, and RAL. In this article, we will delve into their […]

10 July 2023

Differences between flexographic and digital printing: advantages and disadvantages

In the dynamic world of printing, two prominent technologies often stand out: flexographic printing and digital printing. Both methods have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, making them suitable for various applications. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of flexographic and digital printing, highlighting their differences, and providing real-world examples […]

7 June 2023

Choosing the right raw material for self-adhesive labels: ecology, aesthetics, and brand image

The choice of raw material for the production of self-adhesive labels has a significant impact on the product’s image, its environmental impact, and its ability to attract consumers’ attention. In today’s world, where environmental consciousness and product design are becoming increasingly important, it’s essential to understand what factors influence the selection of raw materials and […]

12 May 2023

Differences between monitor colors and Pantone printing colors in self-adhesive label design

Designing self-adhesive labels is a complex process that involves many creative and technical aspects. One of the challenges that label designers face is understanding the differences between the colors displayed on the computer monitor and the final print, especially when using the Pantone color model. Why can these colors differ, and how can this difference […]

5 April 2023

Differences in adhesives used in self-adhesive labels: acrylic adhesive vs. rubber, permanent vs. removable

Self-adhesive labels, also known as stickers or decals, play a pivotal role in today’s world of packaging and product labeling. One of the key components of these labels is the adhesive that allows for the secure attachment of the label to packaging or products. There are various types of adhesives used in self-adhesive labels, but […]

1 March 2023

Label design trends for 2023: Minimalism, Sustainability, Personalization, and Interactivity

Label design in 2023 is subject to dynamic changes that reflect evolving consumer needs and expectations. Labels have long played a crucial role in informing, capturing attention, and building brands. This year, we are witnessing several exciting trends shaping label design. Here are the key label design trends for 2023: Minimalism and clean design Minimalism […]