Sheet labels A4, A5, A6 for laser printers and copiers

We offer a diverse range of sheet labels that are perfect for printing in both laser and inkjet printers. Our labels are available in various materials, depending on specific needs.

Sheet labels are typically available in DIN A4 or DIN A5 formats on a special “KRAFT” backing, ensuring smooth operation in laser and inkjet printers. Our products are packaged in cardboard boxes of 100 or 500 sheets as standard, but upon customer request, we can also offer more cost-effective solutions, such as shrink-wrapping. Thanks to this variety of materials and packaging options, we tailor our offerings to the individual needs and expectations of our customers.

List of products available for sale online

Self-adhesive A4 paper for printers available in our store is designed for laser printers and copiers. Thanks to the appropriate weight and wood-free paper, the sheets maintain their stiffness even during very fast printing. They are also characterized by excellent contrast, ensuring high-quality prints that remain legible even after a long time.

A4 stickers for printers, thanks to the acrylic adhesive used, adhere perfectly to surfaces. They do not come off, and there are no unsightly air bubbles. Ideal for applying to smooth and curved surfaces.

Self-adhesive A4 labels available in our store comply with RoHs and REACH safety standards and come with a 2-year warranty, provided they are stored correctly: at around 20 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of about 50%.

In our store’s range, you will find A4 sheets containing from 1 to 65 labels per sheet. Self-adhesive A4 paper is also available with margins or cuts that make it easier to peel off individual labels on the sheet.

Fluorescent labels available in our Print&Stick store are a high-quality product compatible with most laser printers and copiers. The wood-free paper maintains its properties even during very fast printing, guaranteeing clear and durable printing. Fluorescent labels adhere correctly to both flat and curved surfaces.

The laser-cut colored self-adhesive A4 labels in our store ensure even shapes and easy peeling from the sheet. They are suitable for large enterprises, small businesses, and home use. Perfect for organizing documents and labeling items.

Fluorescent labels attract attention, so it’s advisable to place important information on them. The intense color immediately catches the eye, making these stickers popular among learners or forgetful individuals. They are excellent for jotting down important information in notebooks or calendars.

In our range, you will find fluorescent labels in several colors, including yellow, green, and red, as well as various sizes.

In our online store, Print&Stick, you will find high-quality decorative labels that are perfect for labeling handmade products, processed goods, or even alcoholic beverages.

The high quality of these labels, along with their unique and elegant appearance, is also well-suited for premium brand products. These labels will undoubtedly accentuate the product’s quality and give it an aesthetic look. They will also help the brand stand out among competitors, emphasizing its distinct style.

Due to the high-quality acrylic adhesive used in decorative labels, self-adhesive decorative stickers can be used for labeling products exposed to variable conditions, such as moisture, low or high temperatures, or sunlight. They are characterized by high water resistance, adhesion, and resistance to shifting.

Applications of decorative labels:

  • Labeling processed goods
  • Labeling handmade cosmetics
  • Labeling marketing materials, such as gifts for employees or clients
  • Labeling alcohol or gifts for guests at wedding receptions.

In our product range, you will also find high-quality Heavy-Duty PET labels in sheets. The sheets are made from a special matte polyester film that is resistant to varying weather conditions and temperatures. Polyester labels are known for their durability, making them perfect for outdoor use. They can be used to label containers or other items exposed to external factors.

The high-quality polyester material is resistant to both water and sunlight. Printing remains intact for a long time, staying legible and aesthetically pleasing. The white, matte film does not oxidize or crumble.

Heavy-Duty PET polyester labels find applications in industries such as gardening, woodworking, and metallurgy. They are also recommended for labeling household appliances, electronics, or automotive parts. In our product range, we offer sheets with various label sizes: 210 × 297 mm, 210 × 148 mm, 105 × 148 mm.

Opaque labels available in our Print&Stick store are non-transparent labels that effectively cover the surface. Made from high-quality materials, they have black printing on the adhesive side, which effectively darkens any existing text. These labels are most commonly used for correcting various information, covering text, drawings, or colors.

In our product range, you will find high-quality A4 opaque sheets made from uncoated wood-free paper. The adhesive used is 100% non-transparent and black, preventing any reading from the underside. Opaque paper available in the Print&Stick store guarantees coverage and opacity. The store offers sheets containing from 1 to 4 labels.

Opaque labels and paper are excellent for industrial use, such as covering previous prices or placing translations on products.

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