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Self-adhesive labels on beverages are an excellent way to effectively emphasize the prestige of a product while also informing consumers about its properties and ingredients. Food labels play an important informative and marketing role, so they should be made from high-quality materials using durable printing techniques. Every manufacturer looking to stand out from the competition should invest in a durable and aesthetic product label. Our company produces professional self-adhesive labels for alcohol, juices, and other beverages.

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Would you like to achieve a unique effect on your label to entice customers to purchase your product? It doesn’t matter whether it’s mass-produced products or a small artisanal operation. Tell us your expectations, and we will select the appropriate printing technique for you: traditional printing or digital printing. Do you need to label a wide range of flavors but have low production? With digitally printed labels, we can provide even single series of up to 100 labels. Environmentally friendly product? We offer labels with certificates for direct food contact or those that do not use any hazardous substances in their production.

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In the production of self-adhesive labels for beverages, various techniques and materials can be employed to enhance product quality. Equally interesting is the “no-label-look” method, which utilizes a clear film that seamlessly adheres to the surface of the packaging through crystal-clear adhesive. Labels play a crucial marketing role, so it is advisable to ensure their appropriate design and the use of modern printing methods.

One of the most popular methods for enhancing print is cold stamping. A decorative foil layer is transferred onto the selected material, significantly elevating the aesthetics and attractiveness of every product and its packaging. To reinforce the self-adhesive label and ensure strong adhesion to surfaces, it is recommended to use UV-resistant adhesive.

Labels for alcoholic products made from decorative and textured paper offer an excellent way to highlight the prestige and character of the product. These materials are known for their durability and resistance to moisture, ensuring that the labels maintain their appearance even after chilled beverages are removed from the refrigerator.

Decorative paper gives the label an elegant and luxurious appearance, making it ideal for premium products. Textured paper, on the other hand, adds texture to the label and creates the impression of high quality. Both materials are moisture-resistant, preventing the labels from wrinkling or losing their appearance, even in cool environments.

Additionally, the use of various printing and finishing techniques such as cold stamping or varnishing allows for the creation of unique and appealing labels that capture customers’ attention. For alcoholic products where the first impression is crucial, labels made from decorative and textured paper are the perfect choice.

Labels made from metallized foils are an excellent choice for premium alcohol products. This material offers outstanding presentation and an exclusive appearance that perfectly enhances the product’s prestige.

Metallized foils can be printed in multiple colors, providing diverse design options and the ability to create unique patterns. Furthermore, the use of glossy or matte lamination on the label adds a “soft-touch” effect, attracting attention and inviting closer inspection.

Stickers made from metallized foils are also moisture-resistant, which is particularly important, especially for alcoholic beverages stored in refrigerators or coolers. Not only do they maintain their quality at low temperatures, but they also present beautifully, making the premium alcohol bottle even more appealing to customers.

In summary, labels made from metallized foils are an excellent choice for premium alcohol manufacturers, as they offer elegance, moisture resistance, and the ability to create unique designs.

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