Digital printed labels

Digital printing of self-adhesive labels is an innovative technology that offers many benefits to your business. Why should you choose this method?

Low costs for small quantities: Digital printing allows you to print labels without the need for expensive printing plates, significantly reducing costs for small label runs. This is an excellent solution for small and medium-sized businesses and those who frequently make changes to label projects.

Quick order processing: Digital printing guarantees fast and efficient label production. This enables you to respond rapidly to changing market demands and print labels practically immediately after planning the project.

No limitations in color: Thanks to digital technology, you can use a full range of colors without relying on Pantone or HKS color charts. Your project can be precisely as you envisioned it.

Personalization and variable content: Digital printing allows for label personalization and printing variable content such as serial numbers, expiry dates, or variable barcodes. This is a great tool for product customization.

High quality and precision: Modern digital machines offer excellent print quality, impacting the legibility and aesthetics of the labels. Your products gain attractiveness.

Environmental friendliness: From an environmental perspective, digital printing enables waste reduction as no printing plates or clichés need to be created. You can also choose environmentally friendly printing materials.

Digital printing of self-adhesive labels is an innovative approach to label production that provides you with flexibility, personalization, and quality. This is an excellent solution for both small businesses and larger enterprises looking to keep up with a rapidly changing market.

Are You EKO? Print EKO!

  • Digital printing safe for the environment
  • ISEGA, FDA certificates for contact with food
  • 0 VOC – zero gas emission during production
  • FSC certified materials (paper from controlled forests)
  • Production according to ISO 9001 and 14001

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• Printing on any substrate (self-adhesive papers and foils for label production, thermal cardboard for ticket production, coated cardboard for hangtags and identifiers)

• Printing width: max 500mm (currently we use 330mm)

• Printing length: unlimited, depending solely on the project

• Color range: CMYK + White for underprinting on metallized and transparent materials

• Possible further enhancements: UV varnishing, cold-stamping in gold, lamination

• Printing resolution: standard 1200 dpi (possibility to increase to 3600 dpi), providing quality surpassing offset printing and other technologies such as flexography and typography

• Full quality control through a built-in spectrophotometer ensures consistent color intensity from the first to the last label and with each reprint.

• The print meets the highest food safety standards and ecological norms. The dyes used in the printing process comply with ISEGA and FDA standards for migration and direct contact with food (certificate available upon request).

In an approachable manner:

• We print on all common substrates: self-adhesive papers and foils, cardboard and synthetic hangtags, admission tickets. Additionally, we can provide extra protection for the finished label. What do you prefer?
– High gloss varnish?
– Matte varnish?
– Or perhaps lamination?

• Are you looking for something unusual?
– Transparent foils,
– Opalescent foils,
– Premium substrates,
– Tickets, passes,
– Enhancement using gold or silver foil,
– Variable numbering,
– Serial numbers,
– Expiry dates,
– Variable barcodes,
– And much more…

• Full-color printing – you don’t need to use PANTONE, RAL, HKS color guides; we’ll match everything to your design.

• A wide variety of label types, small print runs, variable graphics or colors? We’re happy to take your order!

• Computer-measured, repeatable print quality.

• No additional costs (e.g., printing plate costs) – you only pay for the finished labels.

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