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Flexo printed labels

Colored labels

They are mainly used for single packages and  take the marketing function – must convince consumers that the product is unique, attractive and at high quality. This is achieved by use of  various printing techniques such as lamination, gold plating, extrusion, or printing on  a high gloss paper

Scale labels

Labels clean or printed, often protected by UV coating. They are used mainly for meat processing plants, fish, salads producers, confectioners, dairies, etc. These labels meet the requirements of scales producers such as  Bizerba, Medesa or Toledo.

Labels with special adhesive

These labels are used wherever the specific application and storage conditions are exposed: low temperatures, high humidity or oily surfaces. This applies in particular to meat processing plants, ice cream and confectionery producers and dairies. The use of special adhesive prevents accidental breakage or destruction of the label.

Logistic labels

Their main task is to identify bulk units for packing and shipping. Most often these labels are made of matt or semi-gloss paper. They provide good print quality and an affordable solution for product identification. In order to ensure high resistance to different atmospheric conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) labels of film or other synthetic materials can be also used.