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Sheet labels A4, A5, A6



We recommend a wide selection of sheet labels for printing in laser or inkjet printers. This labels can be made on raw materials such as:
– Self-adhesive paper, matte type “standard” – mainly intended for printing in laser printers
– Premium, matte or glossy photo paper – for printing mainly in photo printers, when immediate and precise printing drying is needed
– Self-adhesive films, matte or gloss – when increased resistance to weather conditions or higher humidity is required
– Fluorescent color papers – to increase the user’s attention: promotional labels, warning labels
– OPAQUE papers – with a dark dye on the adhesive side, to hide previous information on the applying surface: change of the expiration date, change of the bar code

Sheet labels are usually made in DIN A4 or DIN A5, on a special “KRAFT” backing, to ensure correct operation in laser and inkjet printers. As a standard, products are packed in 500-sheet boxes. At the customer’s request, it is possible to pack 100 pieces or heat-shrink.

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Prowadzimy sprzedaż detaliczną arkuszy samoprzylepnych w formacie A4 do drukarek laserowych i atramentowych pod własna marką Print&Stick, która z powodzeniem jest dostępna w wielu krajach Europy.



White A4 Sheets (210x297mm) pack. 100 sheets
Product 21011 Product 21021 Product 21022 Product 21023 Product 21031
Product 21041 Product 21042 Product 21043 Product 21062 Product 21082
Product 21084 Product 21102 Product 21213 Product 21243 Product 21244
Product 21404


Fluorescent yellow A4 Sheets (210x297mm) pack. 100 sheets
Product 26011 Product 26022 Product 26043


Fluorescent red A4 Sheets (210x297mm) pack. 100 sheets
Product 27011 Product 27022 Product 27043


Fluorescent green A4 Sheets (210x297mm) pack. 100 sheet
Product 28011 Product 28022 Product 28043


OPAQUE A4 Sheets (210x297mm) pack. 100 sheets
Product 29011 Product 29022 Product 29043


White A4 Sheets (210x297mm) pack. 500 sheets
Product 25011 Product 25021 Product 25022 Product 21042 Product 21043