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Variable numbering, Barcodes





The basic tool for personalization are bar codes.
As the most popular data carrier, it finds its application in logistics and trade units to identify finished products,  materials or  semi-finished products. Applied on the product allows for easy organization and control of inventory.

Labels made on paper or self-adhesive film allow quick applications at the destination, and the use of a wide range of adhesives: from removable to standard, and  very strong, will certainly satisfy every customer.

Most often we execute orders using one-dimensional codes such as EAN, Code128, Code39, ITF 2/5, as well as two-dimensional codes, such as QR Code. At your request, we can check the readability of the code by use of special verifiers in accordance with ISO 15416: 2000 or with the GS1 standard


We also provide a printout service for variable numbering and variable data, usually to personalize tickets, coupons or to control the quantity of products in a particullar batch. We can also print serial data from an external file, eg Excel.

Depending on the expectations and needs, we are able to print labels with variable information on each substrate, also paying attention of  the expectations regarding background color of the label or the font used. At your request, we can freely configure the data range or numbering (fixed, ascending, descending).