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Tickets and tags





We produce parking tickets, tickets for various sports and cultural events. Permanent information on the ticket (address, telephone number, website) can be printed earlier and personalized information of the event (date, time, number) can be printed directly at the ticket office.

Our technological capabilities allow us to multi-color printing of tags and tickets, as well as the use of modern techniques such as varnishing, security printing or extrusion. We base the offer of tickets and cardboard tags on a wide range of products (matt or glossy cardboard as well as synthetic materials), in various material gramature, as well as in various sizes and shapes.


Selef-tie loop-lock tags

They are mainly used in forest-tree  nurseries and plants plantation and are used to identify trees and shrubs. These labels are resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage, which guarantees their long-term use. This tags are made of white synthetic material available in unprinted and multi-colored form, perfectly suitable for further thermal transfer print. Such tags are resistant to rain, UV radiation, temperature, dust, dirt, chemical influences and mechanical damage.

Synthetic  tags:

In addition to the textile industry, they are also used in the wood industry. Marking of wood in sawmills or wood depots requires the use of special markings. Such tags attached to wooden elements (also with thermal transfer print), are not damaged in the process of drying, impregnation and storage. Stacked and stored wooden beams or boards are marked with special synthetic tags containing information on species, size and date of manufacture. Small labels on which the name of the product appears, the producer’s address and the batch number can be printed in sawmills and later attached to the batch of goods.

Wineglass Fruit Tags:

They can be used successfully on fruit and vegetable packaging. Multicolored and  preprinted: with a logo or picture of the product and address of the manufacturer. On the back side, it is possible to print using thermal or thermal transfer method the following information: name and weight of the product, expiration date, batch number or code. Multicolored wineglass fruit tags affect the aesthetics and appearance of the packaged product.


Przywieszki odzieżowe:

Przywieszki to niezbędny element do znakowania wyrobów tekstylnych w przemyśle detalicznym. Prócz właściwości identyfikacyjnych, które są wymogiem prawnym, przywieszki papierowe stanowią również idealny sposób na wyeksponowanie marki. Dzięki możliwościom zadruku obustronnego, awers etykiety może zawierać logo i nazwę firmy, rewers natomiast nazwę produktu, adres producenta i kod kreskowy.