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Laminating, Cold-stamping, Refinementing


The solution that will provide full resistance against mechanical damage, as well as oily and caustic substances is laminating.

This process consisting in covering the top layer of the label with a special laminating film creates a solid and durable coating, which additionally stiffens the finished label and can be used to increase the weight of the raw material. An additional advantage of the laminate is the complete prevention of yellowing or fading of colors.

In our offer you will find a wide range of laminating foils, which, apart from the possibility of protecting labels from damage, can give them a unique character – it is one of the features of a soft-touch matte laminate.

Velvet to the touch structure adds elegance to the label, raises its aesthetic value and enhances the impression of color depth thanks to a matte finish.

We also laminate with a shiny foil which thanks to the strong reflection of light exposes the color, reviving the label and giving it clarity.

The final effect depends only on your expectations, however, lamination will work wherever efficiency is in the first place, regardless of the prevailing conditions, protecting the label from dirt, chemicals and moisture.


The most popular method of print refinement is cold-stamping.

The idea of transferring the decorative film layer to a selected raw material with the use of a special glue cured with UV light will increase the aesthetics of each, even the simplest design.

Labels made using gold, silver or holographic foil are used in the cosmetics, chemical and food industries, giving the products uniqueness and elegance.

Cold stamping technology is also used to markand secure products using holographic foil