Warning sign W030 / ISO 7010

Labels compatible with newest ISO 7010 standard of hazard marking.
Available in three variant sizes: 50×50 / 100×100 / 200x200mm

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Signs compatible with new ISO 7010 standard are required to proper marking of areas / places / components in order to prevent from at-work accidents, protection from fire, threats to life and health, evacuation procedure as well.
New compatible signs find application in instructing employees or guests staying at workplace, about behaviours, acts or components that may cause threat.
It’s highly recommended to replace prevention sings used so far, for those, compatible with ISO 7010 standard, especially in the case of first marking the workplace.

All self-adhesive labels are produced with use of polyester film with additional polyester laminate on top (in case of 50x50mm size) or polypropylene film with additional polypropylene laminate on the top (in case of 100x100mm and 200x200mm sizes). Top laminate layer ensures from smudging of the print, especially while cleaning with highly aggressive cleaning chemicals or dissolvents. Moreover, pigments used in production process are UV-resistant, resulting in  vivid colours through many years of use.

Before applying label, it’s recommended to clean and degrease the surface to ensure the best contact for the adhesive.

Additional information

Number of ISO 7010 labels

10 etykiet 50x50mm na arkuszu, 3 etykiety 100x100mm, 1 etykieta 200x200mm

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